On the initiative and with the support of Dr. Basak Yilmaz, President of the Young Emergency Medicine Doctors (EUSEM), during the First South East Congress of Emergency and Disaster Medicine in Belgrade, on June 22, 2018, a meeting was held where the sections of young doctors of Serbian Society of Emergency Physivcians (SSEP) is founded.
The basic tasks of the SSEP section of young doctors would be: to improve the contact between young doctors and emergency medicine specialists throughout Europe, to improve scientific and research activities in the field of emergency medicine, to promote the specialization of emergency medicine in the countries that already have adopted programs specializing in emergency medicine, and also in countries that do not yet have this specialization. YEMD of EUSEM will collect data on the activities of national sections of young doctors and direct activities towards the goals, contributing to the better status of all those who are dealing with emergency medicine.


Dušica Janković, MD, Emergency Medicine Specialist ZHMP Niš, was elected as a President of the SSEP section.